Triple Knot Productions Announces New Film E-mail
Written by Brian K Dery, President Triple Knot Productions, Inc   

It is with true excitement and inspiration that Triple Knot Productions begins this new journey. This film project will focus on the motivation and inspiration that encompasses the life of Chris Herman. As he goes out and lives life to the fullest, we will capture real scenes, real words and real actions that will be brought to film that will help others.

In 2008, life changed for Chris. He and his parents were involved in a car accident that injured his spinal cord. Paralyzed from the waist down all of his sport playing abilities were instantly gone. After the accident, Chris made a commitment to finding a sport he could play. He tried many different opportunities- from wheelchair ice hockey to water skiing- but nothing gave him a satisfaction equivalent to football. After almost a year of searching, Chris finally found a sport in 2009 that sparked a desire in his heart: wheelchair tennis.

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TRIPLE KNOT PRODUCTIONS, INC. is a non-profit that produces documentaries about individuals, especially children and veterans, living with disabilities.  We help motivate and inspire our viewers to achieve their personal best by telling the stories of courage over fortitude.  I focus in on the capabilities rather than their disabilities. We are currently working on a film about Autism and are trying to raise the money to complete the project.

Triple Knot Productions has been producing the motivational and inspirational films of children, veterans and other individuals for over 5 years.  We have formed many strong relationships with organizations such as Tampa Shriners Hospital,  James A. Haley Veterans Medical Center, BlazeSports of Tampa Bay, Achieve Tampa Bay, the Tampa Bay Rays and the U.S. Paralympics, just to name a few.

The films of Triple Knot Productions are shown on The Education Channel here in Tampa, as well as many other Education Channels throughout Florida.  They are shown in many hospitals in Florida thanks to Healthcare News Network.  All our films are distributed nationwide by Aquarius Healthcare.  Aquarius helps us educate our viewers by having our films shown in schools, hospitals, libraries and rehab and therapy clinics.

We are working closely with The Children’s Hyperbaric Center of Tampa Bay on this project.  They are a new up and coming organization that will be providing free hyperbaric therapy to children with neurological disorders.  Hyperbaric therapy is very costly and they are giving this service for free which in today’s age is unheard of.