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Written by Bob Kalle   

Robert Carter is a certified personal trainer that works at My House Fitness. The business opened in December, 2015, so it is relatively a new facility. The personal training is done in a studio style training space that adds to privacy and a personal  touch to your training and is by appointment only.

The personal training can be done in individual ½ hour sessions or in a small group session with no more than 4 people at a time. There is a sense of a boutique feel to the space since it is smaller than a gym. The philosophy is to use exercises that mimic real life moving so that the training has a functional purpose to it. This does include athletic training.

The training is goal driven and results based. You set your goals and he sets up the exercises to accomplish your goals, no his. For instance, some people want to lose weight, some to get stronger and some just want to feel better about themselves and their body.

He also has a computer based nutrition system that helps design a meal plan and diet based on your goals and what you want to accomplish and the foods you like.

The training hours can be flexible to your hours. And he offers a free class for individuals and small groups of no more than 4.

Robert Carter
207 W Bloomingdale Avenue
Brandon, Fl 33511
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