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Flag Folding Ceremony 2017 E-mail
Written by Ed Sleyzak, PGK Regional PR Coordinator, Knight of Columbus   

On Feb 1st, 2017 members of the Color Corps from Monsignor John F Scully Assembly 3419 visited St. Stephen Catholic School for a Flag Folding Ceremony. Color Corp Commander S/K Shawn Ryan, S/K Mark Lovejoy PGK, S/K Ed Veronic and S/K Julio Alvarez PGK, FFN, FDD showed the children the proper way to fold the American Flag and explained what each of the 13 folds represents.

Heather Stanley, 4th Grade Teacher, stated that one of the most important lessons that the children learned was that our Country is rooted in a deep faith in God. To many of the children this was the first time that they had seen a flag folding ceremony.

It was a very peaceful and well-spoken ceremony. You could see that many of the children were very intrigued and impressed by this.