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Written by Bob Kalle   

Home Performance Alliance- Last night I set an appointment with people from the Home Performance Alliance to get estimates to replace my windows. We have lived in our house for 30 years and thought our windows were outdated and maybe out of code so they may need to be replaced. We were educated by two young men, Aaron jones and Dion Henriquez. Of course, we got the entire sales pitch, but we needed to be educated, so everything went fine. They explained how our windows were working and what should be replaced.

They also did a neat demonstration, using a heat lamp, they put up different combinations and types of windows to show us how each worked to stop the heat from entering our home. It was an interesting and mind opening presentation.

The gentlemen were courteous and interesting, keeping the presentation moving. Finally, we got to the key point, price. We had no idea how much new windows cost or were supposed to cost. They showed us different options and worked hard to meet our needs. We were not looking to buy windows, but wound up signing the deal. And here it is a day after, and no buyer’s remorse. The presenters did a great job, and it would be worth your while to check out what they have. The education and estimate is free. I recommend them without any reservation.